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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OCN?

An OCN is a unique customer number that is given by Colt. It is associated to a company.
By default, when you login the first time, your parent Oracle Customer Number (OCN) is selected. Depending on the structure of your organisation, it may be set up as one or more companies in Colt Online. For example, if you are a multinational company and the UK and French division both conduct business with Colt, then separate OCNs will be allocated to the UK and French company. In this case more than one OCN will be allocated to your profile.
Please contact your Colt Online Administrator if you have companies missing in your list.
Colt Online Administrators may reach out to their contact person in Colt.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password online. On the Colt Online login page, there is a ‘Forgotten your password’ link.
You will be asked for your Colt Online user id and the email address that was used to set up your account. An email will be sent to you that contains a link to a password reset page.
Please note: You cannot complete this action online, if you don’t know your Colt Online user id. In this case, you will have to contact the Colt helpdesk.

How do I create a user?

From Administration in the menu bar, select User Management and then Add User. The Add User page is displayed. It has 4 sections that take you through the user setup process. You will need to complete all the mandatory fields. You will be asked to fill in the User Details, select the companies for which the user should be able to view data on Colt Online, Set up Billing Contract Numbers (BCNs) to select the bills that a user can view in Colt Online and finally select the permissions you would want to have assigned to the user.

What is a BCN?

A BCN is a Billing Contract Number. It is used to define the contracts that a customer has with Colt. The customer’s services can either be combined in one BCN as well as they can be distributed via various different BCNs.

Why am I unable to access all modules?

Colt provides a minimum of one Colt Online Administrator account per company. When your Colt Online Administrator creates sub-accounts, he can specify to which modules these users have access. For example, they can create an account for the company’s Finance department and link that account only to the billing. module.
If you open your profile and select the tab Roles you will see all modules ticked to which you have access. In addition you see all available modules. You can request access by ticking the box against a module and submit. Your request will be sent to your company’s administrator for approval.
You can check the status of any request by going to the Track Requests tab.

How can I change the admin user, because the original admin user is no longer working with us?

In Colt Online every user can request update for all or some OCN that are assigned to his profile. The request will go via email to the current admin for approval.
If you still have access to the account of this admin, please navigate to Request Management under Administration. Here you can approve the new admin request.
Please contact Business support to have the old admin account deleted.
If you don’t have access to the admin account anymore please contact the Business Support.