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Service Delivery process

We're committed to ensuring your experience throughout the order lifecycle is as effortless as possible.

We strive to deliver your services as quickly and efficiently as possible, setting clear expectations and coordinating internal and external resources to mitigate potential delays along the way.

The main milestones in your order lifecycle are shown below:

Service Delivery Process for Colt Companion

Placing your order

You will receive a product-specific order form. It’s key that the information in the form is accurate and complete. This helps to ensure our Service Delivery teams can deliver your exact requirements in a timely fashion. Once complete your order will be submitted.

Order creation and validation

Upon submission your order will be created in our system and we validate it to make sure all required details have been provided enabling us to start our Service Delivery process.

Your order will be acknowledged via an email notification, which will also provide you with:

Your Colt Order Number, used as reference for any enquiries

A link to the Order Management Portal in Colt Online to track your order.

Accessing Colt Online

If you have already received your Colt Online account, you can login below.

If you don’t have a Colt Online account yet, please click below to register*.

* Your Colt Customer Number (OCN) will be required.

Date setting and expectation management

Our Order Management team will evaluate the work required to deliver the service and provide you with a planned completion date. For On-net services, we aim to provide a Colt Promise Date (CPD) within 2 weeks of order acceptance.

If there is a dependency on a 3rd party supplier to provide the service, you will be given an Indicative Completion Date (ICD). Your Colt Promise Date will be provided once we receive committed dates from our supplier.

Site surveys

If a site survey is needed, our Planning teams will be in touch to arrange access to the site in question. To keep your delivery on track, it’s important that requests for access are arranged as soon as possible. In many cases, we’re able to carry out a remote ‘Desktop Survey’, which means a physical site visit from one of our planners is not required, thus speeding up the delivery process.

Depending on the building type and the owner, there may be a requirement for additional documentation and permissions to be provided in order for us to be able to deliver services into your premises. In order to avoid delays to your delivery, we ask for your support in ensuring that any additional information, documentation and authorisation is provided in a timely manner.

Installation & configuration

If on-site installation/commissioning or testing is needed, our Installations team will be in touch to arrange access to the customer site. Again, it’s important that requests for access are arranged as soon as possible.

In some cases we may be able to configure and test your service remotely, without the need for any intervention on site. In these cases, you will not be contacted for access, and the order will progress to the final stage.

Handover into service

Once your service has been successfully tested, a Handover Document will be generated with the following details:

Circuit/Service Reference

Completion & Billing Start Dates (BSDs)

Installation & Monthly Rental Charges

Service address & contact

Floor/Room & service location

Demarcation point

Product specific details, such as IPs, CPE, VLAN

Details of how to access in life support

At this point, Service Delivery hands the service over to our Service Assurance and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) teams for ‘in-life’ management.

Click below to find our Service Assurance Support processes and escalation matrix.

Quality surveys

Once your service has been successfully delivered, a survey may be sent to request feedback on your experience during the delivery. Your feedback is important as it enables us to understand you and your requirements better, and it gives us insights on how we can continue to improve and develop your customer experience.

See some of the improvements we have made to your experience using feedback we have received.

Order Tracking

Throughout the Service Delivery journey you can keep track of your order via the Order Management section of Colt Online. The information displayed is based on real-time data from our internal systems so you always have access to the latest details of your orders.

In addition you will be notified of various milestones as they are achieved. Below is an overview of the communications you may receive:

Order acknowledgement We will acknowledge the receipt of your order, providing a summary of order details
Missing details For any missing details or clarification, we will contact you via phone or email and you may provide details via Order Management in Colt Online
Delivery date notification We will confirm your order, and provide you with a Colt Promise Date or Indicative Completion Date
Order management You will have an Order Owner who will contact you by phone and/or email to verify and discuss the order within one week of the order validation. Your Order Owner will be your single point of contact* working on your delivery and supporting you in case of any questions
Milestones and updates We will proactively provide updates at key milestones & other updates as required. Automatic notifications, such as Order Received, Order Delivery Date, and Service Handover, will be sent for all orders. Other notifications can be configured via Colt Online
Queries to delivery For any query on your Order you will be able to engage your Order Owner by phone or email – specific contact details can be found in your order in Colt online
Service handover Handover details will be available in your order in Colt Online and your ordering contact will receive a handover notification email upon delivery completion

*For orders where Project Management has been requested your Colt Project Manager will be your primary point of contact for the duration of the project delivery.

Fast Track Requests

In the event of you requiring Colt to expedite an installation date, it may be possible for us to assist you, if you are already connected to our network. You can request this via the Order section in Colt Online or by engaging your Account Manager/Agent. Please note that additional charges will be applied.


We strive to provide the best-in-class experience during the delivery of your service. However, we understand there may be times when you wish to escalate a specific delivery issue.

Should you wish to escalate an issue, please follow the Customer Escalation Process which can be found via your order in Colt Online.

Colt Online Escalations

Colt Project Management

Project management forms part of Colt’s Professional Services catalogue and is an add-on service which can be requested in addition to all Colt products to ensure smooth delivery of the services through a dedicated point of contact.

The Colt Project Manager is responsible for delivering successful projects by assuring communication between all stakeholders and resources, anticipating and mitigating risks, managing dependencies and creating and maintaining an optimum balance between scope, time, cost and quality to achieve the best possible outcome.

Colt’s Project Management Methodology takes elements of best practice from industry standards such as PRINCE2, PMI, APM, and MSP and combines them with experience and tools into a tailored approach.

It focuses on planning, organizing and management of resources to bring about the successful completion of project activities achieving the acceptance criteria first-time.

Please contact your Colt Account Manager for more information on the Colt Project Management service and/or to place a request for project management.

Need help?

You can find lots of helpful information on our Order Management Portal and user guide videos here.

Please use these contacts for any further information:

Ordering Engage your Account Manager / Agent
Order Management Via Colt Online or contact your Order Owner