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Here is a step-by-step guide on how to modify an existing order for Cloud Intelligent Communications

How to modify an order

All orders that are completed, in progress, or under validation will be visible in the Order portal. Modification is possible only in order " Completed "


A Modify link will appear if your order can be modified.

A Draft link if some modification was initiated but NOT submitted


  • orders Cancelled or In Delivery, will not be modifiable
  • You can only add users or numbers into countries that are in the initial order.
  • For new countries use the Operator Connect dedicated portal and make sure to have a billing account for each new country.

Telephone numbers and Users

Customers can add Users (bundles) on the left side and/or add telephone numbers (DDI) and make the reservation on the right side.

Please note, the Bundles can’t be smaller than the amount of DDI.

Add Numbers

Add Users

Access to Colt Operator Connect portal