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Benefits at a glance:

Minimise application
Manage call flow and load in our network. We distribute
your calls to sites, countries, homes or devices

Simplify your IT services:
Configure skills based routing to your next available agent. Re-use your existing hardware
or remove it completely.

Drag, drop, done:
Use the INteractive Manager to drag and drop from a prebuilt
script editor. Attach to a queue and assign to agents.

The fastest time to market:
We’ll configure voice paths and you configure the queues. Get up and running in days then add new channels, integrations and service

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+44 (0)20 7863 5510
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Simple agent desktop solutions embedded in the core of Colt´s Intelligent Network (IN)

Customers use Colt's Intelligent Network (IN) to route business critical customer calls into their service centres. Colt provides an easy to deploy agent desktop solution for contact centres and inbound call queues.

Colt’s IN service platform leads Europe in providing Inbound numbering to thousands of businesses and our Global IN network connects businesses with customers worldwide. Since 2004 Colt has provided a contact centre solution built on top of our IN platform for routing and answering calls from any chosen telephony solution. We have a cost effective solution that has delivered real-term benefits in cost saving, efficiency and productivity to hundreds of customers. Cloud native, fully integrated and a seamless user experience.

Colt INteractiv is a call queuing and IVR platform built deep within our network, able to handle any volume of calls required. The contact centre application provides the ACD to route calls to agents on any cloud based telephony solution like Microsoft Teams, connected to a traditional PBX or simply direct to a mobile phone. The application has a web interface for answering calls if you prefer which doubles as the portal for configuring queues and service parameters by admin users. You can use Colt INteractiv wherever you happen to be. In 48 hours we can create and configure call queues to get your business up and running. Full training is provided so you can manage the application with ease. From here, we can develop the solution as you want it with database connections, call recording and KPI reporting etc

What do Colt offer?

Colt offer an full inbound voice solution, independent of your IT and telephony estate and the transformation services that enables you to best assist your customers. Our contact centre application distributes calls to your telephone system or directly to a calling enabled web interface that has space to make wrap up notes. We take care of your integrations with CRM and ticketing systems and train your users to create rules, add rules and manage call reports. The service is supported 24/7 by our award winning customer care team who are happy to support you with modifications.

“Colt’s solution frees us from managing all of the telephones as well as their programming, statistical control and consumption. We receive actionable insights for the entire flow of communication, which simplifies technology management and drastically reduces operating costs” Juan Ramon Trujillo | CTO at