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Operator Connect

What is Operator Connect?

Enabling external PSTN calling to Teams using a third-party carrier such as Colt is also known as Operator Connect. It is now the preferred and simplest way to enable external calling via Microsoft Teams.

Colt PSTN and Microsoft are fully integrated, allowing our customers to get their numbers into Teams in a matter of days. This is done through the Operator Connect connectivity method, which is the newest way to integrate telephony in Teams.

Operator Connect Ordering Portal

To accelerate the ordering process and empower our customers, on Monday 20st June we launched a new ordering portal for Colt customers.

Now as an onboarded Colt customer you can choose to do the ordering, reserve numbers, enter  location address and sign the contract all in the new portal.

What are the advantages of using the portal

This portal allows you to self-serve,  with digital forms, automated responses, and intuitive workflows

For further information about Operator Connect click here

How to Place an Order

1. Login 

After giving consent to Colt from the Operator Connect page in your Teams Admin Center 

You will receive an email, with a 3-Step Form link. Please click on the link


To access the Colt Operator Connect page you can

  • Use the Colt Online access – if you still don’t have one >> create one here
  • Use your Account Number (OCN) and the email associated with that account OCN
  • If you are not yet a customer follow this process insert page


2.  Order my voice plans

After logging you will see the main page

Chose the country/countries in which you will like to have services. And automatically you will see our different voice plans

For more information on voice plans click on the i next to each plan

After choosing, one or multiple voice plans, that will be associated with your MS Team users you can proceed to choose your telephone numbers.


3.  Keep my existing numbers -  Port or migrate

In the country please click on the Porting/Migration toggle ( if green then your request is considered)

After choosing the Voice plans, OCN, and BCN, please click on NEXT.
Go directly to Point 5


4. Order new numbers for my office(s)

Click on Add office address to reserve numbers

Note that it is possible to add up to 5 offices per country and can reserve up to 100 numbers per office.

Please enter the address, validate it and finally save the address before going to the next step.

Note this address needs to be exact because numbers are registered within the emergency system of your country with the given address.

After Clicking on Save you will be able to reserve numbers for the users in the office.

These numbers will later be confirmed by Colt and sent to your Teams tenant to be assigned to your end users, IVR or others.

In some countries, you must choose the Local Area Code that corresponds to the City of the Address

Proceed to choose the number of telephone numbers you wish to reserve and indicate how many are for your users and how many are for resource accounts.

When the reservation is complete you will see the success message

You can repeat this operation for all the countries and/or offices where you wish to contract services in.


In Additional Services, you can find the installation fees that are automatically calculated for you.

Additional options are possible like: Call Forwarding configuration, Clip no Screen/Clip Screen, configuration and Auto Attendant or Call queue configuration


You can save a draft if any information is missing, at any point during this journey

5. Contact information

If you click on next  you can enter the contact information and verify your legal company address

After doing the modification necessary you can click on next


6. Recap of the order

The final recap page will appear, where you can check all the information entered ( if any changes just click on the back button below)


7. Submission

  • If porting/migration required

Customer will be able to preview their contact in “Preview my document before submission” and complete the order by clicking on the Submit button

After “Submit” a Sales Representative will contact the customer to generate the porting or migration forms and sign the contract.


  • If only new numbers requested 

After reviewing the order information, please input the contact details in the digital signature box. The signatory should be authorized to sign the contracts on behalf of your company.

Then click on Submit to Sign

You will receive an email from Docusign asking you to electronically sign the Operator Connect Contract

After this is signed you will receive a confirmation email and your order will be processed.


Order will be managed within the next five working days.