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What is Operator Connect?

Enabling external PSTN calling to Teams using a third-party carrier such as Colt is also known as Operator Connect. It is now the preferred and simplest way to enable external calling via Microsoft Teams.

Colt PSTN and Microsoft are fully integrated, allowing our customers to get their numbers into Teams in a matter of days. This is done through the Operator Connect connectivity method, which is the newest way to integrate telephony in Teams.

Operator Connect Ordering Portal

To accelerate the ordering process and empower our customers, on Monday 20st June we launched a new ordering portal for Colt customers.

Now as an onboarded Colt customer you can choose to do the ordering, reserve numbers, enter  location address and sign the contract all in the new portal.

What are the advantages of using the portal

This portal allows you to self-serve,  with digital forms, automated responses, and intuitive workflows

For further information about Operator Connect click here


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