How to use the Router Tool?

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How to use the Router Tool?

Once the Router Tool has achieved connectivity to the device, the below page will be visible. By clicking on the Get Router Information button, the device’s interfaces will be retrieved, displaying a real-time view of the router’s interface and IP addressing status:

By selecting the Command drop down menu, a list of available commands will be displayed. Select the command that you would like to run on the router:


In some cases, additional parameters is required to run the full command. In the below example, the command “show interface” was selected and “FastEthernet4” (from the above Router Information table) was entered. Click on Submit to run the command:


The output from the router will be displayed in the Command Response area of the Tool. The output can be viewed by using the scroll bar on the right-hand side or copied to clipboard using the Copy to Clipboard button.


It is possible to minimise the window, so that other tools can be loaded for the same service. Clicking on Close will exit the tool.


Click on Confirm to completely close the pop up window.


Hints & Tips

Commonly used Commands:

CommandWhen to use
Show ip interface briefUsed to provide a summary status of the interfaces on the router, including their IP address, Layer 2 status, and Layer 3 status
Show ip interface Used to check interface status and performance, including Input Errors, CRC’s, as well as Bandwidth Utilisation
Show ip arpUsed to verify if there is any Equipment
connected to one of the Routers Ethernet Interfaces
Show ip route Displays the routers routing table to a particular IP destination address
Show LoggingView historical events on the router
Clear counters Used to reset the counters on an interface. This is particularly useful if you want to track any Input Errors that you may feel are causing performance issues on your service
Ping Used to test whether a particular host/site is reachable across an IP network. It measures the round-trip time (in milliseconds) and packet loss between hosts
Traceroute Used to trace to various destinations and check whether there are any performance issues along the path

Note: If the Router Tool screen doesn’t load, this may indicate that there is a communication error to the device or there is a connection issue. Using the Service Status Tool will help to check the status of the service.