How do subscriptions and the contact management module in colt online work?

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Colt Online users are able to view which notifications they are set up to receive, by going to My Profile > My Subscription


Admin users are able to manage the subscriptions and notifications received by individuals within their organisation by going to My Profile > Contact Management


If you need to set up any subscriptions for a particular Account or service, please ensure that the Customer Number is added to your Online user profile first. If the Customer Number has not been added, you will be unable to view or subscribe against any of those Accounts or services.


Contact Management Module

  • At the core of the capability, is a basic view of a individuals main contact details (name, tel #, email address and language preferences)
  • The contact record applies to that individual or team (when the contact is set up as a “Group contact”
  • All the details within a contact record can be updated, with the exception of the email address
  • This record is then linked to the different subscriptions that the contact is set up to receive from colt, including (but not limited to) proactive tickets and planned maintenance notifications
  • The different subscriptions will depend on the type of notification, which may be at Account, Service or Billing Level, depicted below*
  • The notifications can be set up across different Customer Numbers (Accounts) or Services
  • Some subscriptions have varying level of flexibility built into the workflows and includes further notification preferences


* Click here to view the details of all the subscriptions [contact groups] that are available at each level.