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To ensure that we hold the most up to date contact information (Tel Numbers, Preferred language etc) for notifications, you can review and update key information by clicking on “My Subscriptions” from your profile page, then Contact Groups. Alternatively, click on Contact Details in the breadcrumbs

1. Click on Contact Groups


2. Edit the required fields and click Submit:


Field NameDescription
TitleTitle [Mr, Mrs, Ms etc]
First NameFirst Name
Last NameLast Name
Group ContactSelect this if a contact belongs to a team/department within your company
Work Phone (direct)Select appropriate country code and enter full number
MobileEnter personal mobile number, if applicable
Preferred LanguageThis will control the language that notifications are sent to you in*
SwitchboardEnter main reception number, if applicable
Switchboard ExtensionProvide your extension number, if applicable
Days & Time AvailabilityProvide us with your days and hours of available, if applicable (for site contact and technical information only)

*Some notifications are available in English only; e.g. Major Network Incident Updates and Planned Work notifications

Please be aware that these details will not have any impact to the portal’s profile settings, which can be found by navigating to Update Profile settings.