How do I get an online quote?

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How do I get an online quote?

Go to the Quotes Section- Get a Quote from the menu.

  1. Select the product and bandwidth
  2. Enter the address and check connectivity from Colt
  3. Get the price

Your quotes will be available in Colt Online for 120 days and you can also email the quotes to keep a local copy.

Detailed steps:

Select the Product you want to get a quote for from the list

Select up to 5 bandwidths for which you want to see prices

Click Next to proceed

Enter the address you want to connect to.

This step is really important and the Google suggested address is displayed in separate fields such as street, city, postcode etc so that you can check that the address is correct or amend it as you need.


Once you have reviewed that the address is correct, click Check Connectivity to check if Colt can connect to this location.

View Results of the Connectivity  Check

The list view and the map view will both show the results of the search.

Explore the map

The map shows Colt-connected locations and Colt fibre – the red lines.    Use the legend at the bottom of the map to help you understand all the information on the map.

A useful feature on the map is the Explore Mode button.  Click it and the map will show Colt-connected buildings within 50m of your searched address.  This is particularly useful if you find that the address search isn’t bringing you the expected results


Select the address and  click on Check Price

If the address is already a Colt-connected location, you will see further building details on the map.

View quote

Once you get the quote, you can sort on bandwidth,   select contract duration or change the currency of the quote.

You can select one or all prices to email out.

You can come back to Colt Online and retrieve the quote at any time from the My Quote menu.  Quotes will be available in Colt Online for 120 calendar days.