How to login to Colt Online?

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How to login to Colt Online?

Go to online.colt.netand enter your user id and password you received via email. In case you forgot your password then click on “I forgot my password ” to reset your password. 

If you login with either incorrect user ID or incorrect password the system will prompt you with a message like on the picture below with the option to reset your password.

Note: Passwords must adhere to security standards as follows:

  • Be at least eight characters in length
  • Contain three of these four character types
  • Uppercase alphabetic characters A-Z
  • Lowercase alphabetic characters a-z
  • Digits 0-9
  • Punctuation or control characters -!@“%&/()=?`_,.;:*‘+~ {}[]

If you do not have a Colt Online Account then click here to register