How to manage your account details?

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How to manage your account details

The account and billing management site allows you to update your account and invoice details online. From here you will be able to update your Legal details, Billing address, Customer reference, Purchase orders, Delivery of invoices via e-mail and Invoice Languages.

1. In order to change details of our account we will start the journey on the Homepage from there we go into the Billing Section and select any of the options available.

2. This will launch the Account and Billing Management Page. Here we can find various options to choose from. Select one of them, click on “Next” and follow the on screen instructions. If we get stuck during this process, then we can find details in our Help Section for each of the options. Just use the search of our Help page with keywords or  phrases such as “How to update the Billing Address?”

Note: Legal address and Legal Name, Other account details enquiry and The Charges on my invoice are wrong, will bring us to the Raise Ticket Page.