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Colt Online – Two-steps Authentication

Colt knows how important is your data for your and with this in mind we are introducing a 2 step verification in the login page to keep your data secure.  2 step verification is becoming a standard and efficient method to authenticate user access to online site, this can be found in many sites and used by leading companies like Google or Microsoft.

What is Two-step Authentication (Also known as multi-factor authentication)?

Two Step verification is an additional method to grant access to an user to Colt Online and confirm its authenticity. This keep the portal and your data more secure.

When it’s getting implemented?

Colt Online will enable Two-step verification in May-2024

How will it work?

By default you will be asked to enter a code that you will receive in your email at the time you attempt to login with your user id and password. You just need to enter this code (6 digits) when prompted in the web page. This will granted you access to your Colt Online account.

What are the Two-step authentication method available?

Email notification – Colt Online will send you a email with a 6 digit code every time you try to login to Colt Online. *This option will be enabled by default to all users in MAy 2024

*Users that log in to Colt Online with their company credentials (Federated login) are not impacted by Colt Online 2-Step Authentication

Why Colt  is doing it?

Two Step authentication is essential to web security because it neutralises the risks associated with compromised passwords. If a password is hacked, guessed, or even phished, that’s no longer enough to give an intruder access: without approval at the second factor, a password alone is useless.

Do You need to do something?

No action is required. Colt will enable and inform you when your Colt Online account is enabled with 2 step authentication.