What is a Product Communications Contact?

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It is important to us that we can contact you for any critical announcements relating your account or services that you have with Colt. These critical announcements include the following:

  • Public health notification,
  • Advance notification relating to products reaching end of life,
  • Technology change notifications,
  • Regulatory impact
  • Pricing updates

The Product Communications contact is the nominated individual(s) within your organisation who will be set up to receive these communications.

Changes to the nominated individual(s) can be managed by your Organisations’ Admin user through the contact management module in colt online (how can I edit the notifications subscriptions received). Alternatively, please contact your Account team at colt.

Please note that this will not be used for any marketing campaigns or individual transactions i.e. single orders, invoices, service/trouble tickets. Please refer to the section here, for more information on the other types of subscriptions available via the contact management module.