How to use the historical tests done in the Service Test Portal ?

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How to use the historical tests done in the Service Test Portal ?

Select the service and click on View and Apply under the Health Test icon:


Historical Tests can be viewed based on the Health Tests run on the service and Loopbacks applied.


Health Tests

Click on the PDF icon to download the Test Results

The image below shows an example of the results for a Full Y.1564 service test conducted on an Ethernet Service via the Service Test Portal. The status of a test is indicated by the Test Result Status Column (Status parameter in the PDF), indicating:

  1. PASS –          The service has passed the Y.1564 test
  2. FAIL –          The Service has failed the Y.1564 test

Error Messages

Error codes will be displayed to the user in the event of an error initiating a Loopback or Health Test. Below is a summary of the Error Messages:

Y.1564 – Standard Test and Health Check Messages

Y.1564 – Standard Test and Health Check Messages

Error Description 
TA001 Test Portal is unable to communicate with the end device selected. Test Setup has failed 
TA002 The initiation sequence to set up the Y.1564 test on the selected device has failed 
TA003 An unsupported command has been executed on the selected device. This may be because the software revision on the device is not up to date and does not support the command 
TA004 The Test Portal command  to the end device has failed 
TA005 Test execution has failed because one of the endpoint devices is not reachable    
TA006 A loop is already applied on the far end device. The Test Portal is therefore unable to execute a loop in order to initiate the Y.1564 test. 
TA007 Selected circuit is configured incorrectly or certain configuration data is incomplete. Y.1564 test cannot be initiated. 
TA008 Device/circuit information retrieved for the selected service is inconsistent with Colt internal systems. 
TA010 Failed to update the progress status information for the test. Test Portal has lost connectivity to the device under test. 
TE001 Y.1564 test is already in progress on the service/circuit selected. Cannot initiate another test on the same service. 
TE002 Invalid circuit information retrieved from the service inventory and the system is unable to proceed with the request. 
TE003 Error no. not assigned 
TE004 Internal notification of Planned Works in progress. Test cannot be initiated because of this maintenance work that is underway  on the circuit. Planned Works Reference number is displayed  and the start/end dates of the activity. 
TE005 Test initiation has failed because the Health Check Test is not  supported for this particular service/device. 
TE006 Service Test has been attempted with a bandwidth higher than  the device can support. 
TEX003 Information retrieved from the circuit inventory is incomplete  and insufficient to allow service test to be initiated. 
TEX004 Information retrieved from XNG is inconsistent and insufficient  to allow service test to be initiated. For example, details of the  end point devices are incomplete or unknown device  information is returned. 
TEX005 Service Test has been attempted on a device with a bandwidth  higher than the device can support.. 
TES001 Information received from the internal order systems is incorrect or incomplete. 
TAxxx - Test Adapter (TA) Error Messages
TExxx - Test Engine (TE) Error Messages

Customised Loopback – Error Messages

TE001Loopback cannot be applied on the selected end device because the circuit is already in use. Circuit could be in use for a Service Test with loopback applied or a customised loopback is already applied to the end device selected
TEX001Information retrieved from the circuit inventory is incomplete and insufficient to allow loopback to be applied

Common Error Messages

Error Description 
XNG2032 End point device details cannot be retrieved from the Inventory  for the circuit selected. 
XNG2041 The device details for the circuit selected are incomplete -  custom loopback cannot be applied.