How to use the Syslog Viewer tool?

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How to use the Syslog Viewer tool?


Note: Diagnostic Toolkit is not available for services  contracted with Colt Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea

Once the Router Tool has achieved connectivity to the device, the below page will be visible. By clicking on the Get Router Information button, the device’s interfaces will be retrieved, displaying a real-time view of the router’s interface and IP addressing status:


By selecting one of the shortcuts, events from within the last 24 hours will be displayed:

If you wish to search for logs older than 24 hours or within a specific date range, click on Advanced Search.

Enter the date range within the From and To fields.

If you wish to search for a specific event, enter the string within the “Search for:” box.

Then, click on Submit:

The events from the device will appear in the Syslog Output area of the window. The Output can be further filtered using the “Find Results in pane:” text box. Alternatively, it is possible to download the output to an Excel file.

Click on Close, then Confirm to close the pop up window: