How to escalate an incident?

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How to escalate an incident?

We understand that there may be times when you wish to escalate an incident. This could be due to several reasons:

  • A service outage that exceeds the Service Level Agreement
  • You are unable to carry out business as usual due to a fault
  • You have a crisis situation
  • Failure of escalation and/or communication plan
  • Increase in impact and/or criticality of service disruption
  • Risk of damage to your business reputation
  • A protracted repair or multiple repeat fault scenarios

Therefore, within Service Assurance we provide you with a five-level escalation matrix.

Escalation matrix for services contracted with Colt Europe, USA  and Canada

Outlined are the steps you should take to escalate an incident.

    • All escalation must be made via phone (escalations made via e-mail may suffer delays as individual mailboxes are not monitored 24×7)
    • Make sure you enter your ticket reference when calling us to help with routing your escalation appropriately. Our ticket format is 1-0123456789. The valid format to enter within the Interactive voice response (IVR) is: 10123456789 (disregard “-“)
    • Escalations will be system driven, and will move sequentially from level 1 to 5
    • The escalation owner can decide to expedite or delay the requested escalation level

    • In the event of a Colt MNI the crisis escalation process may be invoked and supersede this process
    • Network Operations will always have a contact available at all levels


Escalation matrix for services contracted with Colt Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea

Note: All escalations must be made using the details shown above (escalations made via individual e-mail mailboxes are not monitored 24×7 and may suffer delays)