How to access the Infovista tool?

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How to access the Infovista tool?

Step 1Login to . In case you don’t have a Colt Online account then request your access here

Step 2From the Menu bar go to Services–> Reports–> Network Performance Reports.

Another option is accessing Infovista from the Service Details Page.

Step 3 – Search the service using the search bar

Step 4 – Once you find your service then click on the Circuit ID

Step 5 – Service details page is displayed and link to access Colt’s performance monitoring is available in the Performance Reporting section

Note: Performance Monitoring will show “yes” if performance reporting has been enabled for your service. If this option is not available then you will not be able to access the portal, please contact your account executive.

Step 6 – Performance Reporting (Infovista) portal will open

Note: additional support for Infovista can be found here