How to raise a request for change for SDWAN services

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Prerequisites – This option is only available for customers that have contracted Managed Network  Services (MNS)

You can request a Change for SDWAN services by raising a ticket in the Colt Online portal .

Step 1 

From the Menu select Tickets–> Raise Tickets

Step 2 

Select the option Other Technical Request as shown below and click Next.

Step 3

The Request for Change options are displayed. Select the appropriate option and click Next.

Step 4

Search for the service you want to request a change. Use the search   and filter options to narrow the results. Select the service by clicking the radio box then click Next.

Step 5

Fill in all the mandatory fields in the template, download and fill in the Excel template available in the page and fill  then and attach it the attachment options available in the template. Then click Next.

Step 6

Review the details and add an additional contact to the ticket (optional). Then click Submit.

Step 7

Your ticket is created instantly and can now be tracked online. You can click on View Ticket to access it.